Top Places to Eat, Drink & Work in Hoi An

I’ve been lucky enough to call Hoi An “home” for the last three and a half years. On the second day, after six month of travel around SE Asia and Australia, I knew I wanted to stay in Hoi An. The ocean, the vibe, the yoga, the food; these are just some of the reasons why I haven’t left.

Here’s my go-to list of places to eat, drink, explore, and work in Hoi An:


Central Vietnam is known as the food mecca of the country, and I’m not surprised! Hoi An is home to some of the most colourful, flavourful dishes around. Here are my top places to EAT.

1. Ms. Dam Vegetarian Restaurant

My go-to for My Quang (a speciality of the province) and cheap - and healthy - vegetarian eats.

My Quang

My Quang

2. Karma Waters

I eat at this vegan restaurant probably 3 – 4 times a week! Go for the vegetable curry, you won’t be disappointed. Other not-to-disappointment options: the burger, the carrot and onion salad, the house salad, vegan com ga.

3. Phin Coffee (Old Town and Japanese Bridge)

The best coffee spot in town, but also really great for breakfast! I love their avocado toast, simple, fresh and delicious.

4. Nourish Eatery

New to the Hoi An scene, Nourish Eatery’s space and food do not disappoint! The food is carefully thought out, delivered beautifully and tastes DELICIOUS. I particularly recommend the Nourish Bowl with their homemade falafels (made with dill... yuuumm) and tofu feta cheese. Sprinkled pomegranates are a nice touch. The space itself is a beautiful ancient building surrounded by a green oasis of trees, herbs and rice paddies; a great space for eating, reading, chatting, relaxing and/or working!

5. Minh Hien II or III

Minh Hien II has been popular for awhile, but adding to the family restaurant chain is the beautiful Minh Hien III near the Old Town. Set in a green garden with avocado trees and historic architecture, the third location is a must go! Note: III is a bit more expensive than II, but granted, rent is probably astronomical in that location.

6. Rosie’s Cafe

Rosie’s Cafe is owned by some of the sweetest people you’ll meet: Thuy and My. The cafe is a great place for breakfast, smoothie bowls, juices, and sits hidden in one of Hoi An’s beautiful laneways.

7. Bikini Bottom

A poke bowl-place by the beach, their tofu panda (+ edamame) has become a new go-to place for dinner.

8. Vegan Zone

Vegan Zone has a great juice selection and delicious Vietnamese dishes. My favourite dishes are: the Bun Tron, Mustard Rolls, Potato Cakes, and the Eggplant main dish. I also really enjoy the iced cinnamon tea.

Photo: Nourish Eatery Facebook

Photo: Nourish Eatery Facebook

9. Luna D’Attuno

For pizza in Hoi An, I head to Luna. Beautiful setting by the beach with lots of options.

Side note: Artscape at the Anatara Hotel also serves wood-fried vegan pizza with vegan cheese that is hearty and very tasty.

10. Joi’s Restaurant - Tra Que

Chef Tru takes private bookings and is impressively creative with his plant based dishes. The location, along the river and hidden amongst the vegetable gardens is also quite romantic of a higher-end (but still incredibly reasonable!) date night. Book at least four days in advance for a full plant based menu.

11. Hola Taco

Delicious tacos, nachos, burritos and more in the heart of Old Town. My fav plant based tacos are the spiced black beans and roasted pumpkin tacos. The guac is also fresh!

12. Revolution of Mushroom (ROM)

Now with a location in Hoi An, ROM offers delicious vegetarian, Vietnamese dishes with specialty mushroom dishes (vegan options available too). My favourites: Banh Xeo, Eggplant with Mushroom Sauce, Mushroom Fried Rice.

13. Mr. Son Restaurant

A little mom and pop restaurant located on An Hoi Island has a cosy, outdoor vibe. I highly recommend the fried rice (cơm chiên), pumpkin sautéed with peanuts, and Vietnamese pancake (bánh xèo).

14. Veranda

A great place to sit and catch up with friends, their plant based options include a pho seaweed roll, brown rice noodles, and taro-filled spring rolls. At night the space is whimsical and charming with its fairy lights and picnic tables.

15. Am Restaurant

My go to when I’m craving leafy green veg and canh chua (sweet and spicy soup!)


13. Sound of Silence

Coffee. Ocean. Need I say more?

Photo:  saigon om

Photo: saigon om

14. Phin Coffee

I love Phin Coffee for its americanos, and open, outdoor garden space. They’ve also opened a second location along the River!

15. The Espresso Station

16. Le Cabanon

Along the river in Old Town, Le Cabanon boasts French food and flavour. For my fellow vegetarian Canadains, this is the only place that will make you a vegetarian poutine.

17. Mango Rooms

If I were still drinking alcohol, Mango Rooms would be my go-to. You can also check out the sister restaurants: Mango Mango and Mai Fish.


As someone who spends quite a big chunk of time behind my laptop, I like to mix up my “office”. Luckily, Hoi An is filled with great cafes, restaurants, and coworking spaces to work from.

For an ocean view:

18. Soul Beach

19. Salt Pub

20. Sound of Silence

Closer to town:

21. Rosie’s Cafe

Dear Sweetie Smoothie Bowl and Cold Brew

Dear Sweetie Smoothie Bowl and Cold Brew

22. Phin Coffee

23. Dingo Deli (air conditioned)

24. Hi Phin Coffee (air conditioned)

25. Hub Hoi An Co-Working Space (air conditioned)

This was originally published on More Than Food Mag on April 6, 2018. This list was last updated on October 13, 2019.