Hi, I'm Victoria. 

Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Trainer and Reiki Master
based in Hoi An, Vietnam.


Cultivating Calm:
5-Day Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

21 - 25 October, 2019
Hoi An, Vietnam

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About me

I’m an experience yoga and mindfulness teacher, trainer & Reiki Master originally from Toronto, Canada. I've travelled around Australia and Southeast Asia to explore different ways of being, and fell in love with the beautiful, coastal beach town of Hoi An in Central Vietnam; where I currently call home.

My practice revolves around the simple question: "how can we live life with more love, peace, and joy?"

Move, breathe and step on the mat with me. Scroll down or click for more on yoga, mindfulness and Reiki.


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My yoga practice started as a physical practice on the mat that soon evolved into a lifestyle off the mat. And I love sharing the magic of yoga!

In yoga we combine asanas (poses) with our breath to create a beautiful moving meditation. Coupled with mindfulness cues, my classes are a space to become aware, to play, to learn, to grow, and to embrace your body, your mind and your spirit.

My practice and teachings involve different yoga styles including Hatha, Gentle, Beginners, Vinyasa and Restorative.


Mindfulness Meditation

"Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

It is more than sitting still on a cushion; mindfulness is a continuous practice that we can bring into our daily activities and lives to live more fully in each moment. Mindfulness can be brought into activities such as walking, eating, tea drinking, hugging and much more.



Reiki is a natural form of energy healing and works on all levels of an individual’s being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - to promote well-being, peace, harmony and balance. Reiki supports the body's natural ability to heal itself, balances the Chakras (major energy centres) and loosens up stuck or blocked energy, releasing toxins to further promote one's healing.

My practice is Shamballa Reiki - an expansion of the traditional Usui Reiki - where Shamballa is the energy of unconditional love. 


It won’t take you long to see that Victoria is the person who loves passionately what she’s doing. I often feel so overwhelmed after her classes, by the words she shares, by her calming and loving energy, and by little details that make her class special: sound of bell in the beginning, a carefully selected mantra for the shavasana, a quotation, a warm and powerful reiki touch. Her ability to give and to share is fascinating.
— Katrina V., Russia
Victoria has a wonderful presence and contagious calm energy around her. I have been to several of her morning yoga lessons and they always make me feel rejuvenated, healed, whole and awake afterwards. I can also warmly recommend her reiki sessions which has helped me let go of both physical and emotional pain.
— Maria R., Norway
Victoria is an amazing yoga and meditation teacher in addition to Reiki practitioner. She has been my meditation teacher during my yoga TTC and she was able to explain meditation in a fun and easy way to understand and apply it in our everyday life. I had 2 Reiki sessions with Victoria and it felt amazing. It was a first time for me and I didn’t really now what to expect but really it gave me a great feeling of stability and peace. I highly recommend all of you to experience it! Thank you Victoria!
— Alexandre G., France
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