"Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”

- Jason Crandall

Drop in Schedule

Find me teaching group, drop-in classes at Nomad Yoga Hoi An:

  • Monday 4pm - Restorative Yoga

  • Monday 6pm - Qi Gong & Moving Meditation

  • Tuesday 7am - Easy Flow Yoga

  • Wednesday 7am - Easy Flow Yoga

  • Wednesday 8:45am - Yin Yoga

  • Wednesday 10:45am - Mindful Meditation

  • Thursday 7am - Gentle Yoga

  • Thursday 4pm - Restorative Yoga

  • Thursday 6pm - Mindful Meditation

Yoga classes are 75 mins and Meditation Classes 60 mins.
Classes are held at Nomad Yoga Studio, 22 Nguyen Du, Hoi An.
*note that classes are scheduled to change, visit Nomad Yoga Hoi An for the most up-to-date schedule.

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Workshops & Events

Yoga Class Descriptions

Classes are open to all levels.


With Ha meaning "the sun" and tha meaning "the moon", this practice joins and balances these two energies in our body, mind and spirit. All other forms of yoga are under this practice's umbrella.


Vinyasa yoga (or often called Flow yoga) uses the magic of our breath to move and transition between asanas; creating a beautiful moving meditation practice, "a graceful dance between effort and ease." This class focus on foundation poses while creatively weaving in other asanas with the breath.


Restorative yoga is the art of being at ease. In a world where we are taught to go-go-go and check off items on our to-do lists, Restorative encourages us to allow our minds and bodies to just be. Using props (cushions, blocks, straps, and blankets) students hold poses between 5 - 10 mins, with a focus on actively relaxing the body. When we rest and relax, we allow for deeply transformation and healing.

Sunrise Beach Yoga

Sunrise beach yoga classes focus on waking and warming the body up after begin stagnant from sleep. The classes focus on warm up poses to cultivate breath (swara cycles) and sequences that'll have you feeling awake, alert, and ready to take on your day with joy, calm and ease.

Flow & Restore

Flow & Restore combines two styles: Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga. The first half of the class will focus on using the breath to move between poses, cultivating strength and flexibility. The second half of the class will slow it down and bring in props - where the focus will be to actively relax the body by holding poses for longer periods of time, allowing all the work from the first half of the class to be embraced.


Gentle yoga is great for all levels - beginners and advanced practitioners alike. An opportunity to slow it down, to cultivate breath with pranayama exercises, to start to loosen and move prana (energy) through the body with a carefully curated sequence of poses.


Beginners yoga allows those new to the practice to become familiar with different breath awareness exercises and poses, building a strong foundation for their practice. Advanced practitioners are also welcome, an opportunity to go back to basics.